Jose Blas Ruiz Hernández
From a very young age I always had a great ability in drawing and a passion for technology, over time I realized that graphic design would be the area where I could best fit in and give my best.

Fortunately, many years later I can dedicate myself to what I love: creating the perfect solutions for my clients to communicate in a professional way.
For me the process is a very important element in the development of projects. Throughout my years of experience I have developed and implemented productivity methods that make all work flow in a continuous and efficient way in the different phases of the design process and thus, both the customer experience and the results exceed those expectations.

In short, the main objective is that the work is always carried out on time and with the highest quality.

KliniKare, Transportes Ojechar, Albacete City Council, Castilla-La Mancha Community Board, Soundline, Candelo, Quirón Salud, AESEG, Airbus, Solvis Spain

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